What Can Cause Low Water Pressure in Your House?

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Have you noticed a sudden drop in water pressure in your shower, your kitchen sink, or in another fixture in your home? Low water pressure can be annoying in its own right, making it take much longer to get the water you need. It can also be the symptom of a larger problem causing the drop in pressure, from leaks to valve issues. Here are some of the problems that could be causing low water pressure in your house.


One reason that you have low pressure may be that some of the water isn’t making it to the end of the line. Instead, it is leaking out somewhere in your pipes. It’s fairly common to have small leaks that are undetectable (so far) but which cause pressure drops in the house. A plumber can look for leaks in the supply lines and correct them to restore your pressure.

Clog Strainers

Clogs can cause high and low-pressure problems in a house. If a clog prevents all of the water from reaching the tap, then it can drop the pressure. Although, clogs are more likely to create high-pressure problems that can result in a burst pipe. While your plumber is looking for leaks they can also look for clogs.

Pressure Regulator

Your home’s plumbing system has a pressure regulator that is supposed to control the pressure of the water in your home. If it is broken, or it was set too low, that might cause low pressure in your pipes. Your plumber can check to ensure the regulator is set from 45-60 PSI and that it is functioning properly.

No one wants to have low water pressure in their home. If you have noticed that your water pressure isn’t as strong as it used to be, it may be time to call in a professional. Give our team at Guest Plumbing and HVAC a call today.

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Water Valve

Water valves control the flow of water through your home. Your main valve is what allows you to turn off the water in your house in case of emergency or in case you want to do work on the plumbing. If this valve accidentally gets partially closed, or if it breaks, it can limit the flow of water in the house and cause low-pressure problems. You can check to see if the valve is completely open yourself. If it is, then your plumber can check it over to see if it’s working properly.

City/Municipality Problems

Sometimes when there is no obvious cause of low water pressure in your home, the city or municipality water supply is the problem. There could be a clog, valve issue, or other problem on their end. Or, they may have changed the pressure output that they provide to homes in your area. Your local plumber should be able to tell you if the city has made any changes.

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