Reasons Why You Need to Cover Your AC Unit in the Fall/Winter

air conditioner compressor unit covered of snow
“Do I need to cover my AC unit in the fall/winter?” We get this question a lot, and sometimes
from homeowners who have been leaving their AC uncovered during the cold seasons for
years. Yes, you do need to cover your air conditioner in the fall/winter. Even if it seems to go
well one year, you could be doing serious damage to your AC by leaving it unprotected from the
snow, wind, leaves and debris. Discover why you need to take this important step from Guest
Plumbing and Heating.

1. Prevent Rust

There are several metal components to the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. When exposed
to rain and snow, these parts may start to rust. You may not notice this problem for some time,
until the parts rust out and the outdoor unit starts experiencing problems. Rust can spread from
part to part, so sometimes the entire unit must be replaced. Covering the unit will help prevent
rust and protect the lifespan of the unit.

2. Protect the Coils

One of the most expensive and delicate parts of the air conditioner is the coils. It is most
important to protect these from the elements with a cover. If not, dirt, debris and dust collect on
the coils and can damage them. This risk is somewhat mitigated if you have a professional
clean the coils as part of its yearly maintenance, but it still is better to cover up the coils. Reach out to us today to have your HVAC maintenance completed.

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3. Deter Critters

When cold weather arrives, animals look for a place to hide. Sometimes, they choose your air
conditioner. Here, critters of any kind can do serious damage and even ruin the outdoor unit.
With a properly-fitted air conditioner cover, the animals will have a much harder time getting into
the air conditioner and will likely choose a different spot to get some shelter.

4. Prevent Mold

Not so much in winter, but in early spring with melting ice and snow, mold growth becomes a
risk for your outdoor unit. The cover protects the unit from mold growth by protecting it from
water. Otherwise, mold spores, which are always in the air, find the moist conditions in the unit
and start growing. This can reduce the effectiveness of the unit.

How to Cover an Air Conditioner In Winter

Covering an air conditioner for the fall/winter is fairly simple if you have the original cover. In that
case, you just need to ensure the air conditioner is turned off, clean it off, and then put the cover
over it. Your HVAC technician can do this for you as part of the yearly maintenance if they
perform that at the end of the summer season.

What if you don’t have the cover anymore? Your HVAC technician can help with that too.
Reach out to us at Guest Plumbing and HVAC to get help with your air conditioner or
anything HVAC-related. Contact us today.